A Conversation with Richard Linklater
AMC Kabuki CinemasWed, May 8, 2013 6:00 PM Not Available
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Section:Live & Onstage
Running Time:75

It’s been called “one of the great romances in all of cinema.” Join director Richard Linklater for an in-depth conversation focusing on the creation of the groundbreaking Before. . . series in anticipation of our Closing Night screening of Before Midnight. It was 1995 when audiences met the American tourist Jesse and French student Celine on a train from Budapest to Vienna. Almost two decades later, we explore a film cycle that has evolved and matured along with its creators. Learn more about long takes, the art of acting as if you’re not acting, whether it’s premature to call the films a trilogy and more.

Slacker (SFIFF 1991) established Richard Linklater as a prominent figure in a new wave of American independent cinema. A wide-ranging filmmaker, he’s since found success with mainstream (School of Rock) and cult (Dazed and Confused) comedies, fleeting romances (Before Sunrise) and experiments in an animation (Waking Life), digital video (Tape) and science fiction (A Scanner Darkly). Often thriving under self-imposed challenges, Linklater possesses a keen ear for dialogue and a knack for creating memorable characters.