After Tiller

Film Info
Premiere Status:USA
Year of Prod:2013
Running Time:88
Original Language:English
Awards:GGA Documentary Feature Contender
dir:Martha Shane
Lana Wilson
prod:Martha Shane
Lana Wilson
cam:Hillary Spera
Emily Topper
editor:Greg O'Toole
mus:Andy Cabic
Eric D. Johnson
“I would prefer, personally, to have a challenging, stimulating and emotionally and spiritually rewarding career that is short, rather than have a long one that is filled with mediocrity, feeling you don’t make any difference to people.” The words of Dr. George Tiller, the abortion provider who was murdered four years ago in a Wichita church, open this thought-provoking documentary. In the wake of Tiller’s 2009 assassination, only four physicians willing to perform third-trimester abortions remain in the United States. Dr. LeRoy Carhart is an Air Force veteran who opened a clinic in Maryland after legal restrictions drove him from Nebraska and Iowa. Dr. Warren Hern grapples with his desire for a family and the harassment that destroyed his first marriage. Dr. Susan Robinson and Dr. Shelley Sella, who once worked with Dr. Tiller, struggle to balance the needs of their patients with the ethical issues raised by late-term abortion. Through interviews and filmed moments from their professional and personal lives, After Tiller examines the issues and the convictions that drive these physicians to continue to provide late-term abortions in the face of legal restrictions, personal vilification and threats to their physical safety.
-Pamela Troy

Co-presenter: Bay Area Video Coalition
Additional Information

Martha Shane

Martha Shane’s film credits include Bi the Way, a 2008 feature-length documentary, and two current projects, Make the People Happy: The Xylopholks India Story, and The Mystery of Marie Jocelyne. “I’ve always been interested in exploring subjects that people find difficult to talk about openly–sexuality and abortion fit very much into that category.”

Lana Wilson

After Tiller is Performa's Dance and Film Curator Lana Wilson’s first feature documentary. She has said she was inspired by the question, ‘”Who would ever want to do a job where they are hated by so many, and are literally under attack every day with what seemed like so little reward?”