The Artist and the Model
El artista y la modelo
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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Premiere Status:Spain
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:101
Original Language:Spanish
dir:Fernando Trueba
prod:Cristina Huete
scr:Fernando Trueba
Jean-Claude Carrière
cam:Daniel Vilar
editor:Marta Velasco
cast:Jean Rochefort
Aida Folch
Claudia Cardinale
source:Cohen Media Group
This gentle and knowing meditation on the nature of art, those who make it and those who inspire it, is set in occupied southern France during World War II. An octogenarian artist, Marc (Jean Rochefort)—a man deeply and genuinely enchanted with women, the subjects of all his works—is in a slump. Into his world steps Merce, a waiflike young beauty whom his ever-smiling and benevolent wife Léa (Claudia Cardinale) sees wandering in town and hires to be her husband’s model. A true innocent, Merce steps into the alternate universe of the artist with nonchalance and quickly adapts to the “strange job of being naked all day, doing nothing,” as she calls it. Marc’s old soft swagger returns as he works. regaling Merce with stories and ideas. How long can a man like him remain impassive to the charms of his angel with a dirty face? Inspired by the lives and work of such artists as Picasso and French Catalan sculptor and painter Aristide Maillol, this luminous black-and-white film is filled with a sense of nostalgia for the days when art was human and sensual, instead of the brainy abstraction it was already becoming by the 1940s. Director Fernando Trueba’s tale was crafted with the collaboration of legendary screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, recipient of the Festival’s Kanbar Award in 2006.
-Miguel Pendás
Additional Information

Fernando Trueba

Born in 1955 in Madrid, Fernando Trueba worked as a film critic for Spain’s leading daily El País from 1974–79 and is the editor of the Diccionario del Jazz Latino. He won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film with Belle Epoque in 1994, the Goya Award (Spain’s Oscar) for Best Director three times and the Berlin Film Festival’s Silver Bear for Year of Enlightment (1986). Miracle of Candeal (2004) won the Goya for Best Documentary, and Chico and Rita (2010) won the Goya for Best Feature Animation. As a music producer he has won two Grammys and four Latin Grammys.