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Film Info
Section:New Directors
Premiere Status:Spain
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:100
Original Language:Russian
dir:Miguel Ángel Jiménez Colmenar
prod:Miguel Ángel Jiménez Colmenar
Imanol Gómez de Segura
Gorka Gómez Andreu
Luis Moya
scr:Luis Moya
Miguel Ángel Jiménez Colmenar
cam:Gorka Gómez Andreu
editor:Imanol Gómez de Segura
mus:Pascal Gaigne
cast:Salome Demuria
Giorgi Gabunia
Aytuar Issayev
source:Media Luna New Films
Aachener Strasse 24
FAX: 49-221-510-91899
A startlingly bleak yet beautiful film, Chaika somehow manages to sear even as it is set against the brutal, unforgiving cold of the Siberian landscape. Ahysa (Salome Demuria), a beautiful young Kazakh prostitute cast adrift on an ocean liner full of menacing sailors, gives birth at sea and is soon turned away with her newborn son swaddled in her arms. Once ashore, she re-encounters Asylbek (Gio Gabunia), one of the few sympathetic sailors on the ship, who takes in both mother and baby. The threesome travel to Asylbek’s home, a dilapidated shack in the wastelands of Russia’s expansive, empty east, where both the weather and the familial reception are equally frigid. Tensions bubble up between Asylbek and his bitter, resentful brother, and eventually Ahysa suffers the tragic affects of their sibling rivalry and her own independent spirit. Chaika, which means “seagull,” takes its title from the moniker of celebrated Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. Trapped in the moonscape-like terrain of her adopted home—captured in stunning panorama by Spanish director Miguel Ángel Jiménez Colmenar—Ahysa’s painful existence stands in stark contrast to her female forebear, who also remains a testament to the flight the troubled woman perpetually longs to take.
-Michelle Devereaux
Additional Information

Miguel Ángel Jiménez Colmenar

Madrid-born Miguel Ángel Jiménez Colmenar made his feature directorial debut with 2009’s Ori. After leaving law school to study cinematography, he made his first short film, Las huellas, which was co-produced by acclaimed director Aki Kaurismäki. He has also worked as a television director in Spain, and cofounded the production company Kinoskopik Film Produktion, for which he directed the Argentina-set documentary Días de El Abanico. Chaika is his second feature film.