Crystal Fairy
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Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Premiere Status:Chile
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:100
Original Language:Spanish
dir:Sebastián Silva
prod:Juan de Dios Larraín
Pablo Larraín
scr:Sebastián Silva
cam:Cristián Petit-Laurent
editor:Diego Macho
Sebastián Silva
Sofía Subercaseaux
cast:Michael Cera
Gaby Hoffman
Juan Andrés Silva
Agustín Silva
11 Penn Plaza
18th floor
New York
NY 10001
FAX: 646-273-7250
Michael Cera turns in a career re-making performance as an Ugly American in Chile in this carefree, partially improvised road movie, directed by the acclaimed young Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Silva (The Maid, 2009 Sundance Jury Prize). Spaced out and sarcastic, the young American Jamie (Cera) finds himself in Santiago, Chile, guzzling through various reservoirs of cocaine and pot like a junior Charlie Sheen. He’s on a quest to sample the psychedelic San Pedro cactus, and soon drafts a trio of Chilean brothers to accompany him to the vast Atacama desert plains to find it. Their masculine reverie is quickly broken, however, by the introduction of Crystal (Gaby Hoffmann), a New Age American hippie chick as blissed out as Jamie is wound up. Twirling about haphazardly at parties and unselfconsciously placing her very nude self amidst the boys, Crystal serves as the uninhibited id to Jamie’s verbose, white-shorted, dark-socked ego, a contrast that could turn to conflict—depending on when they find that cactus. Conceived while Cera and Silva were waiting on another project (Magic Magic), Crystal Fairy boasts a casual air that conceals a biting satire on doped-up dopes abroad, fueled by a remarkable Cera performance that’s unafraid to give his distinctive, hyper-aware personality a far darker tone.
Additional Information

Sebastián Silva

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1979, Sebastián Silva studied filmmaking at the Escuela de Cine de Chile before leaving to study animation in Montreal. His first film, La vida me mata (2007), won multiple awards, including Best Film from the Chilean Critics Circle. His next film, The Maid (2008), was even more well-received, winning the 2009 Sundance Jury Prize for World Cinema and being nominated for Best Foreign Language film at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards. Silva is also an accomplished musician and artist; his band CHC has recorded three albums, while his artwork has been exhibited around the world.