Cutie and the Boxer
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Film Info
Premiere Status:USA
Year of Prod:2013
Running Time:82
Original Language:Japanese
Awards:GGA Documentary Feature Contender
dir:Zachary Heinzerling
prod:Patrick Burns
Sierra Pettengill
Lydia Dean Pilcher
cam:Zachary Heinzerling
editor:David Teague
mus:Yasuaki Shimizu
source:Radius - TWC
99 Hudson St.
2nd Fl
New York
NY 10013
Ushio Shinohara, an 80-year-old Japanese neo-Dadaist artist, who “boxes” with his canvases, first came to America in 1969 to gain recognition for his avant-garde art. His 59-year-old wife Noriko arrived in the country two years later as a 19-year-old art student and soon met her future husband. Zachary Heinzerling’s debut documentary catches up with the Brooklyn-based couple in the fourth decade of their volatile relationship. In Shinohara, the filmmaker observes a still vibrant, if underappreciated, artist, who struggles with alcohol and disappointment over his inability to gain commercial success. Nurturer, mother and studio assistant, Noriko set aside her own artistic ambitions for the better part of 40 years, but is beginning to reassert herself through a series of semi-autobiographical drawings and paintings with “Cutie,” Noriko’s alter ego, engaging in a multiplicity of everyday and long-term conflicts with “Bullie,” representing Shinohara. Over the years the couple has wrestled with persistent poverty, art-world marginalization and changing gender roles, sometimes as unequal partners, sometimes as combatants in a never-ending battle, but always as husband and wife. A complex portrait of a tumultuous marriage and the lives of artists emerges in this absorbing documentary.
-Mel Valentin
Additional Information

Zachary Heinzerling

Zachary Heinzerling graduated from the University of Texas in Austin in 2006 with a joint degree in Philosophy and Film. Since then, he’s worked in various capacities for HBO, including on the Emmy Award-winnings series 24/7 as a field producer. In 2011, he was selected as one of 25 filmmakers for the Film Society of Lincoln Center and IFP’s Emerging Visions program. Cutie and the Boxer marks Heinzerling’s documentary filmmaking debut.