Everyday Objects
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AMC Kabuki CinemasThu, May 2, 2013 1:30 PM Not Available
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Film Info
Section:New Directors
Premiere Status:Germany
Year of Prod:2013
Running Time:80
Original Language:German
dir:Nicolas Wackerbarth
prod:Titus Kreyenberg
Antoine Simkine
scr:Nicolas Wackerbarth
cam:Reinhold Vorschneider
editor:Janina Herhoffer
mus:Olivier Mellano
cast:Anne Ratte-Polle
Leonard Proxauf
Emma Bading
Nathalie Richard
Alteburger Str. 2
FAX: +49 221 3480281

Expecting a relaxing holiday spent with her lover Romuald, Merle arrives at his hillside villa in Nice to find that he has disappeared without explanation to tend to his publishing company for several days. Thrown into an uncomfortable position as an unwelcome intruder among Romuald’s 13-year-old daughter Emma and his 16-year-old son Felix, Merle resolves to stake her place in the house. She bides her time working on the book she is writing, while coolly attempting to ingratiate herself with Emma and Felix, quickly slipping into the elder’s hedonistic circle of friends and their all-night parties. But the tensions between Merle, her absent lover and his hostile children eventually bubble up, and she must abandon her nonchalant facade. Though the awkward circumstances are temporary, it becomes apparent that her search for belonging and purpose is not limited to her immediate situation. A quiet critique of bourgeois boredom and the impersonal, faux-community of vacation colonies, Everyday Objects constructs a compelling and elliptical portrait through the routine occurrences and banal moments of solitude that comprise life. Director Nicolas Wackerbarth finds the hidden pathos lingering beneath the surface of the mundane details of existence, delivering a subtle and powerful story of self-discovery.
-Jesse Dubus

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Additional Information

Nicolas Wackerbarth

After training as an actor in his native city of Munich, Nicolas Wackerbarth performed in Frankfurt and Cologne before moving on to study film at the DFFB in Berlin. His short film Half Hours debuted at Cannes in 2007, while Everyday Objects, his second feature film, premiered in the Forum section of this year’s Berlin Film Festival. He also serves as co-editor of the German film magazine Revolver.