Fill the Void
Lemale et ha’chalal

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Film Info
Section:New Directors
Premiere Status:Israel
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:90
Original Language:Hebrew
dir:Rama Burshtein
prod:Assaf Amir
scr:Rama Burshtein
cam:Asaf Sudry
editor:Sharon Elovic
mus:Yitzhak Azulay
cast:Hadas Yaron
Yiftach Klein
Irit Sheleg
Chaim Sharir
source:Sony Pictures Classics
550 Madison Ave
8th Floor
New York
NY 10022
photo:Lea Golda Holterman

After only a quick glimpse in a Tel Aviv grocery store of the young man that her parents have chosen for her husband, 18-year-old Shira feels that her future happiness is assured. A tragedy threatens to upset those plans and overwhelms the teenager as she comes to realize that the fate of her family rests in her hands. Writer/director Rama Burshstein focuses on a population rarely captured in film, her own Orthodox Hasidic community. Her closely observed romantic drama is packed with detail not just about matchmaking, marriage rituals and relationships between women and men within the Orthodox community, but also religious observance, mourning and simple day-to-day life. Burshtein takes equal inspiration from the works of Jane Austen with something of Pride and Prejudice’s Elizabeth Bennett in Shira, a young woman who understands familial duty but still harbors a dream of getting what she wants: love. Burshstein’s feature debut, Israel’s 2012 Oscar submission, received 13 Israeli Film Academy Award nominations, winning seven, including Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Director.
-Pam Grady

Special support for this program generously provided by the Consulate General
of Israel in San Francisco

Additional Information

Rama Burshstein


A New York native, Rama Burshstein grew up in Tel Aviv and attended Jerusalem’s Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, graduating in 1994. After adopting Orthodox faith while she was in school, she sought to use her skills for the benefit of her community. In addition to making films for the Orthodox community (including some for women only), she also taught screenwriting and directing at Orthodox schools, including Ma’ale Film School, Yad Benjamin Film School for Woman, and Ulpena Arts School. Fill the Void is Burshstein’s first feature.