Good Ol’ Freda
Film Info
Premiere Status:USA
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:86
Original Language:English
dir:Ryan White
prod:Ryan White
Kathy McCabe
cam:Austin Hargrave
editor:Helen Kearns
mus:Paul Koch
source:Tripod Media
Los Angeles
CA 90048
Meet the Beatles as you've never met them before along with Freda Kelly, the secretary who was with them for their whole ride, in this documentary that celebrates one woman's extraordinary dedication to one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands in the world. Like the girl in Lennon-McCartney's “I Saw Her Standing There,” Freda was just 17 when she enlisted to work for the Fab Four, a bashful fan and a regular at their gigs at Liverpool’s legendary Cavern Club where the quartet honed its sound. The group was only together 10 years, but Freda worked for them for 11, staying on even after the band split up. In a film rich in archival footage and photos and filled with Beatles music, Freda—now nearly 70 and still working as a secretary—recalls her relationship with the lads, giving insight into their personalities and personal lives, their alliance with manager Brian Epstein and their deep connection to Liverpool. Through her eyes we watch Beatlemania transform from a Liverpudlian phenomenon to a worldwide sensation as the band rockets to superstardom before calling it quits as the 1960s came to a close. Freda was a fan and a friend—“I love you with all my heart and sole,” John Lennon wrote in Freda's autograph book in one example of the band mates’ fondness for her—and more than 40 years since her dream job abruptly ended, she recalls her decade plus with these musical icons with warmth and affection.
-Pam Grady

Special Support for this program generously provided by Susan Murdy.

Co-presenter: Mostly British Film Festival

Additional Information

Ryan White

Ryan White made his documentary feature debut in 2010 as one of four directors of Pelada, a tour through 25 countries focusing on the world of pick-up soccer games. With co-director Ben Cotner, he is currently working on Perry v. Schwarzenegger, a documentary limning the drama behind a same-sex marriage case currently before the Supreme Court.