Google and the World Brain

New People CinemaSat, Apr 27, 2013 6:45 PM Not Available
AMC Kabuki CinemasSun, May 5, 2013 6:30 PM Not Available
Film Info
Premiere Status:England
Year of Prod:2013
Running Time:89
Original Language:English
dir:Ben Lewis
prod:Carles Brugueras
Bettina Walter
cam:Frank-Peter Lehmann
editor:Simon Barker
mus:Lucas Ariel Vallejos
source:Films Transit International
166 Second Avenue
New York
NY 10003
London-based documentary filmmaker Ben Lewis shifts effortlessly between both sides of the camera to act as guide and interviewer in his lively and engaging documentary Google and the World Brain. Using H.G. Wells’ prophetic declarations of a “complete planetary memory for all mankind,” or a “World Brain” as his springboard, Lewis gathers library administrators, Google engineers and futurists to offer a big picture examination of the Google Book Scanning Project. Lewis travels the globe from the shiny Googleplex in Mountain View to the 11th-century Monastery of Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain, to capture the vast undertaking that is Google Books and to contemplate the future of libraries, technology, money and intellectual property. While the visual highlight of Lewis’ extensive travels is a six-second clip of a super-secret Google Scanning Facility, Google and the World Brain is about more than algorithms and tech. It’s about the dream of building “a library to last forever” and the true cost in attaining that dream.
-Steve Ramos
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Ben Lewis

London-based author and documentarian Ben Lewis moves easily from broadcast TV series to feature-length films and digital video channels to tell a diversity of stories, ranging from the rise and fall of the contemporary art market (The Great Contemporary Art Bubble) to the history of humor throughout Soviet Russia (Hammer & Tickle) to a cultural survey of the British people and their colorful fascinations (What Brits Love). Lewis’ diverse film topics are a natural projection of his own creative life, which includes stints as a DJ, record label owner and art magazine columnist.