Just the Wind
Csak a szél
Film Info
Section:World Cinema
Premiere Status:Hungary
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:87
Original Language:Hungarian
dir:Bence Fliegauf
prod:Mónika Mécs
András Muhi
Ernö Mesterházy
scr:Bence Fliegauf
cam:Zoltán Lovasi
editor:Xavier Box
mus:Bence Fliegauf
Tamás Beke
cast:Katalin Toldi
Gyöngyi Lendvai
Lajos Sárkány
György Toldi
source:The Match Factory
Balthasarstrasse 79-81
FAX: 49 221 539 709-10

Dawn breaks in Hungary, and a hard-working Romani family slowly begins their seemingly ordinary day: a mother who works as a cleaning lady, a studious daughter and an inventive young son more interested in building a secret hideout than in schoolwork. These are not ordinary times, however: a death squad has been targeting their community, and as dawn fades to dusk this “ordinary” family may find such terrors even closer to home. Based on a terrifying real-life series of attacks that left over 15 Romani family homes firebombed in 2008, with 55 individuals injured and six dead, Bence Fliegauf’s bone-chilling tale offers a harrowing, hour-by-hour commemoration of a daily life spent on society’s margins, where modest pleasures and hard-won victories still survive under poverty and both petty and concrete racism. “I tried not to portray Romanies drumming on jugs, playing violins, dancing, [or other stereotypes],” noted director Fliegauf, who returned to Hungary after making the English-language sci-fi film Womb (2010), and who first came to attention with the award-winning Dealer (SFIFF 2005) and Milky Way (2007). The film’s every-small-moment-counts, day-in-the-life structure recalls the absorbing immediacy of recent works like The Death of Mr. Lazarescu or Gus Van Sant’s Elephant, yet expands such aesthetics of realism into a riveting portrait of everyday Romani life, and a devastating critique of institutionalized bigotry and social inequality.
-Jason Sanders

Additional Information

Bence Fliegauf

Born in 1974 in Budapest, Hungary, Bence Fliegauf skipped film school to instead work as an assistant television director and follow his own path towards directing and writing. His debut feature, Forest (2003), won several prizes at the 2003 Berlin Film Festival, while his second, Dealer (SFIFF 2005), played to critical acclaim at festivals worldwide. In 2010 he directed his first English-language film, the sci-fi Womb, starring Eva Green and Matt Smith, which premiered at the 2010 Locarno Film Festival. He returned to Hungary for his newest film, Just the Wind (2012).