The Kings of Summer

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Film Info
Section:New Directors
Premiere Status:USA
Year of Prod:2013
Running Time:93
Original Language:English
dir:Jordan Vogt-Roberts
prod:Tyler Davidson
Peter Saraf
John Hodges
scr:Chris Galletta
cam:Ross Riege
editor:Terel Gibson
cast:Nick Robinson
Gabriel Basso
Moises Arias
Nick Offerman
Megan Mullally
Alison Brie
Mary Lynn Rajskub
source:The Kings of Summer
CBS Films
11800 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles
CA 90025
High school freshman Joe Toy (Nick Robinson) and his sarcastic, widowed father Frank (Nick Offerman) do nothing but fight, while his lifelong best friend Patrick (Gabriel Basso) has had it up to here with his well-meaning but insanely chipper mom and dad (Megan Mulally and Marc Evan Jackson). Unwilling to spend one more day with such frustrating parents, the boys and eccentric tag-along Biaggio (Moises Arias) retreat to the woods for their summer vacation and build a ramshackle cabin as a declaration of independence, oblivious to the panic their disappearance creates. For three kids used to the creature comforts and instant gratification of suburbia, living off the land poses challenges, but in their determination to create their own Eden, the trio is nothing if not game—at least for a while. Biaggio, with his pitch-perfect timing, deadpan delivery and arsenal of absurd one-liners, is the movie’s comic soul, while Joe Toy is its heart, his impulse to flee the nest early leading to some harsh life lessons as the summer wears on. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and screenwriter Chris Galletta make a memorable joint feature-film debut with this smart, deliriously quirky teen comedy that gets a further boost from its sparkling ensemble, one in which veteran comics like Offerman and Mulally take a backseat to talented newcomers Robinson, Arias and Basso.
-Pam Grady


Additional Information

Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Detroit native Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been making movies since he was a child when he used his Lego and Batman toys to populate adventures in stop-motion animation. He directed web content for Sony, Fox, Warner Bros. and Babelgum; created the Comedy Central series Mash Up; directed episodes of Funny or Die Presents and made the short Successful Alcoholics. The Kings of Summer is his feature-film debut.