The Last Step
Peleh Akhar

Film Info
Section:New Directors
Premiere Status:Iran
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:88
Original Language:Farsi
dir:Ali Mosaffa
prod:Ali Mosaffa
scr:Ali Mosaffa
cam:Alireza Barazandeh
editor:Fardin Sahebzamani
cast:Leila Hatami
Ali Mosaffa
Alireza Aghakhani
source:Iranian Independents
PO Box 15875-4769
FAX: 98-21-227-1157

Not long into actor/director/writer/producer Ali Mosaffa's fascinating second feature, his character informs us in voiceover that he is, in fact, dead—though he's also very much alive through much of a film that loops unpredictably through various pasts and presents. An engineer, Khosro Shahidi died after a fall down a stairway he designed—at least that's what his actress widow Leyli (Leila Hatami of A Separation) tells their friend Dr. Amin (Alireza Aghakhani). But there are other possible causes, not least the risks taken by a 47-year-old man incongruously determined to skateboard down a busy Tehran street. Khosro's death is one of many mysteries here, from the tensions that periodically flare into argument between husband and wife to the lingering role of a long-ago suitor in her life. And just what level of intimacy makes Amin seem the third party in a triangle? An intricate, enigmatic puzzle at times reminiscent of Pirandello, The Last Step raises its myriad interpretive possibilities with masterful concision and cogency. (It even has room to kid the filmmaking process itself, as a movie Leyli is acting in becomes a comic nightmare of unprofessional behavior and overweening egos.) It's a densely layered film in the best sense—tricky, ambiguous, yet always accessible in its gamesmanship.
- Dennis Harvey

Co-presenter: 3rd i Film Festival

Additional Information

Ali Mosaffa

Tehran-based Ali Mosaffa won the Best Actor Award at Fajr for his role in Dariush Mehrjui's 1995 Pari, then further acclaim for that director's 1998 Leila, which introduced him to future wife and collaborator Leila Hatami. He made his feature debut as writer-director with the prize-winning 2005 Portrait of a Lady Far Away. The Last Step won the FIPRESCI prize at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.