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Film Info
Section:New Directors
Premiere Status:France
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:111
Original Language:French
dir:Régis Roinsard
prod:Alain Attal
scr:Régis Roinsard
Daniel Presley
Romain Compingt
cam:Guillaume Schiffman
editor:Laure Gardette
Sophie Reine
mus:Rob D’Orlando
Emanuel D’Orlando
cast:Roman Duris
Déborah François
Bérénice Bejo
Shaun Benson
source:Weinstein Company
375 Greenwich Street
New York
NY 10013

French savoir faire and Mad Men-style retro flair combine in this crowd-pleasing tribute to the effortless glamour of ‘50s Hollywood, an audience favorite in France that’s already being touted as this year’s The Artist. Fresh from the countryside, a hopeful secretary named Rose (Déborah François) snares a job at a small financial company run by the stern (yet quite handsome) Louis (Romain Duris). Fancying himself a Professor Higgins to her Eliza Doolittle, the cocky Louis enthusiastically schools our young heroine on the intricacies and joys of that bulkiest of beasts, the manual typewriter. Several trials (and even more errors) later, Rose may even be ready for France’s biggest test: the national speed-typing competition! Charmingly stocked like its protagonists’ lunch-hour bars with all manner of vintage delights, Populaire takes its cues from Hollywood’s glamour era of Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Frank Tashlin and Billy Wilder. Filling the screen with an eye-dropping parade of sensational vintage outfits and chic hairstyles, as well as incorporating enough retro pop hits to fill the Brill Building, this My Fair Lady for the speed-typing set is further anchored by François’ performance, which turns her plucky ‘50s heroine into a winning “pre-feminist feminist,” all without missing a key.

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Additional Information

Regis Roinsard

French writer/director Regis Roinsard describes his first feature film Populaire as "a mix between My Fair Lady (but more modern), Rocky and Mad Men—but in a French style.” It’s fitting that his first feature revels in vintage glamour; Roinsard is best known for the keen sense of retro style he brings to his many commercials and music videos, and has even created modern-day “scopitones” (the ‘60s precursor to the music video) with the singer/actress Mareva Galanter. He has also worked with such artists as Los Campesinos!, Etienne Charry and Anais.