Stories We Tell

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Film Info
Premiere Status:Canada
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:108
Original Language:English
dir:Sarah Polley
prod:Anita Lee
cam:Iris Ng
editor:Mike Munn
mus:Jonathan Goldsmith
source:Roadside Attractions
7920 Sunset Boulevard Suite 402
Los Angeles
CA 90046
FAX: 323.882.8493
A vivacious force of nature, actress and filmmaker Sarah Polley’s mother Diane died when her daughter was just 11. Only recently Polley discovered that her mother took to her grave a secret that alters her family’s dynamic and causes a seismic shift in her own life. In the wake of this startling revelation, Polley embarks on an investigation into her mother’s life and her family’s history, pulling into it her many brothers and sisters; her dad, actor Michael Polley; her mother’s friends and others who knew Diane in ways that Sarah could not. Polley intersperses these observations with Super 8 footage of Diane alone and amidst the large, blended Polley clan, images at once nostalgic and bittersweet that tell one kind of tale while the secrets that Diane kept to herself suggest a different narrative altogether. The dictum goes that there are three sides to every story; yours, mine and the truth. Polley demonstrates the veracity of that in her first documentary as she confronts the past and manages to articulate wider ideas of how people confront their personal histories while telling the very particular story of her own.
-Pam Grady

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Sarah Polley

An award-winning actress, Sarah Polley turned to writing and directing with her debut short The Best Day of My Life (1999). Her third short, I Shout Love (2001), won a Genie Award for Best Live Action Short Drama. For her first feature Away from Her (2006), Polley received an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, a Directors Guild of Canada DGC Craft Award and three Genie Awards. She received another Directors Guild of Canada nomination for her second feature Take this Waltz (2011). Stories We Tell marks her documentary debut.