They’ll Come Back
Eles voltam

Film Info
Section:New Directors
Premiere Status:Brazil
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:105
Original Language:Portuguese
Awards:New Directors Prize Contender
dir:Marcelo Lordello
prod:Mannuela Costa
scr:Marcelo Lordello
cam:Ivo Lopes Araújo
editor:Eduardo Serrano
mus:Rodrigo Caçapa
cast:Maria Luiza Tavares
Georgio Kokkosi
Elayne de Moura
Mauricéia Conceição
Jéssica Silva
source:Plano 9 Filmes
Trincheira Filmes Sossego 271/105 Boa Vista
PE 50050-080
While traveling through the Brazilian Northeast, 12-year-old Cris and her older brother Peu suddenly find themselves on the side of the road when their parents have had enough of their bickering and order them out of the car. Still fighting, Cris and Peu part ways, when he leaves for the nearest gas station hoping to locate their parents and doesn’t return. Left alone overnight, Cris is forced to embark on a journey that will show her a side of the world she never knew. In this understated, beautifully shot modern fable, Cris (played by Maria Luisa Tavares in a subdued, emotive performance) is guided out of her comfort zone and through unknown places that her privileged, sheltered routine hadn’t previously allowed her to enter. Director Marcelo Lordello subtly touches on issues of race and class in Brazil, a country where the upper classes can easily turn a blind eye to the economic and social disparities that work in their favor. As Cris awakens to a path of growth and self-discovery, she also gains the strength to face a reality she can no longer ignore.
-Julia Barbosa
Additional Information

Marcelo Lordello

Based in Recife, Brazil, Marcelo Lordello graduated with a Communications/Publicity degree from the Federal University of Pernambuco. After working on short films such as Nº 27, Lordello directed his first feature documentary, Vigias, in 2010. They’ll Come Back, which won several awards, including Best Film, at the 45th Brasilia Film Festival, is Lordello’s first narrative feature.