You’re Next

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Film Info
Section:The Late Show
Premiere Status:USA
Year of Prod:2012
Running Time:95
Original Language:English
dir:Adam Wingard
prod:Keith Calder
Jessica Wu
Simon Barrett
Kim Sherman
scr:Simon Barrett
cam:Andrew Droz Palermo
editor:Adam Wingard
mus:Mads Heldtberg
Jasper Justin Lee
Kyle McKinnon
cast:Sharni Vinson
Nicholas Tucci
Wendy Glenn
AJ Bowen
Joe Swanberg
Ti West
Barbara Crampton
2700 Colorado Ave. 3rd Floor
Los Angeles
CA 90404
Paul and Aubrey Davison are celebrating 35 years of marriage and all four of their children, despite severe sibling rivalry, are attending with their respective significant others. At the first night’s dinner familial tensions don’t take long to rise, but it’s the mysterious stranger lurking outside with a crossbow who really sets things off in Adam Wingard’s terrific horror thriller. The question of who’s next, implied by the chilling title, deepens further when one of the Davison guests proves surprisingly resourceful at combatting the various villains (who wear creepy animal masks). With a cast lifted from a who’s who of current indie filmmaking, including Joe Swanberg as Drake and Ti West as Aimee’s boyfriend Tariq; a thread of wicked black humor skewering the nouveau riche and a knowing sense of where the camera should be to provide optimal scares, You’re Next takes the notion of home invasion to the next level.
-Rod Armstrong
Additional Information

Adam Wingard

Adam's film A Horrible Way to Die premiered at TIFF 2010, followed by You're Next at TIFF 2011. Acquired by Lionsgate, You're Next opens wide in theaters this August. He also directed segments in Sundance hits V/H/S and S-VHS, both bought by Magnolia, and a segment in horror anthology The ABCs of Death. Next up is Dead Spy Running for Warner Bros.