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In the Fog
Two soldiers pick up a Belorussian railway worker suspected of Nazi partisanship and bring him into a nearby forest with orders to kill. What actually ends up happening between the three men is a complicated story involving guilt, betrayal and defiance shot with a dreamlike beauty that gives the film a powerful fairy-tale quality.
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Inequality for All
In this Inconvenient Truth for the economy, the Sundance Special Jury Award–winning Inequality For All introduces former Secretary of Labor (and current UC Berkeley professor) Robert Reich as an inspirational and humorous guide in exploring the causes and consequences of the widening income gap in America and asks what is means for the future of our economy and nation.
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Pedro González-Rubio (Alamar, New Directors Prizewinner SFIFF 2010) blends documentary and narrative as he observes the few remaining inhabitants of an isolated Japanese town as they pray to their gods, collect flowers for graves and worry about “crossing the great river.” Surrounded by alpine splendor, these mountain residents live in accordance with nature. With short Home (11 min)
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Inside the Drunken Mind of Derek Waters
Friend of the Festival, writer-producer-actor-comedian, hyphenate Derek Waters (A Drunken Evening with Derek Waters SFIFF 2010, Only the Young SFIFF 2012) returns to present a program whose origins are best described as welling from deep inside Waters’ mind.
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The Insider
When tobacco executive-turned-whistleblower Jeffrey Wigand (Russell Crowe) tries to tell his story to 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman (Al Pacino), the mysterious strangers, anonymous death threats and all-powerful corporations who get in his way turn his life into a real-life thriller in Michael Mann’s suspenseful, ripped-from-the-headlines drama, a modern classic nominated for seven Academy Awards.
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Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Kaufman’s terrifying remake of Jack Finney’s classic novel updates 1950s Cold War paranoia to post-Nixon-era San Francisco where a fast-spreading epidemic is overtaking the city and it’s up to eccentric health inspector Matthew Bennell (Donald Sutherland) to try and save the day.
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