Opening Night: The Fall (Der Fall)
  • The Conversation
New People CinemaFri, Oct 18, 2013 7:00 PM
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Fall Season Festival
Fall Season Festival:Sister Cities Cinema: Zurich/SF
Film Info
Original Language Title:Der Fall
Year of Prod:1972
Running Time:102
Original Language:Swiss German
dir:Kurt Früh
scr:Kurt Früh
Georg Janett
cam:Eduard Winiger
In the last film by one of Switzerland’s best known classic filmmakers, a former police officer turned private eye working in an industrial northern neighborhood of Zurich gets involved in a case of blackmail and finds himself drawn to the free spirited young woman who is threatening to reveal an affair with his married client. Shot in black and white and filmed mostly on location—including at an annual indoor bicycle race—The Fall shades social realism with a late-noir tint as it follows its protagonist on a tour of the beatnik bars and biker clubs of a city on the verge of a new era.
Included Shorts
The Conversation (113min) More