Bastards (lLes Salauds)



Fall Season Festival
Fall Season Festival:French Cinema Now
Film Info
Original Language Title:lLes Salauds
Year of Prod:2013
Running Time:100
dir:Claire Denis
scr:Jean-Pol Fargeau
Claire Denis
cam:Agnès Godard


Claire Denis’ troubled and troubling new film, highlighted by Agnès Godard’s masterful cinematography and Stuart Staples’ (of Tindersticks) evocative score, begins with rain and death and rarely lets up from there. For reasons at first mysterious, a sea captain named Marco Silvestri (Vincent Lindon) arrives in Paris and rents an empty apartment. Living directly downstairs are business tycoon Edouard Laporte (Denis regular Michel Subor) and his mistress Raphaëlle (Chiara Mastroianni), whose lives will intersect with Marco’s in dark and devastating ways. Denis’ latest is an angry and upsetting film, detailing a world where money and the power it wields can have poisonous and far-reaching effects.